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Overtime and Shootout Format

The Alberta Junior Hockey League introduced a new overtime format and shootout in the 2010-2011 Season. Details of the new formats and accompanying rules are outlined below:

AJHL 3 on 3 Overtime Rules

At the end of regulation time, if teams are tied, there will be a 5-minute sudden victory overtime period.

If both teams have a man in the penalty box with different expiration times, at the end of regulation time, then both teams would start the overtime period with three (3) skaters each. At the first stoppage of play, after the expiration of both penalties, the teams would revert back to 3 on 3.

This ruling would apply to other scenarios where both teams would each have two (2) men in the penalty box, or one team would have two (2) men in the box and the other team have only one (1) player in the box.

Teams will always go back to the correct manpower at the first stoppage (first whistle) after the expiration of all penalties.

During overtime, if Team "A" is assessed a time penalty, on ice strength would be four (4) players for Team "B" and three (3) players for Team "A". Teams would go back to 3 on 3 at the first stoppage of play after the minor to Team "A" has expired.

This same principle is to be used for any penalty situation during the overtime period.

At the conclusion of the 5-minute overtime period, there will be a shootout, if teams are still tied. Players serving minor penalties will be allowed to participate in the shoot-out. Players assessed misconducts or any type of game misconduct will not be allowed to participate on the shootout.

2010 Pre-Season - Shootout

A shootout will occur immediately following each game in the 2010 AJHL Exhibition Season. This will allow all teams, players, scorekeepers, and officials to familiarize themselves with the shootout in preparation for the AJHL Regular Season.

The result of the shootout will not affect the final game score, unless the game remains tied after the first period of overtime.

Shootout Format

If a game remains tied at the end of the 3 on 3 five-minute overtime period, the game will proceed to a shootout.
The teams will not change ends for the shootout. While the shootout is occurring, both teams shall return to their respective player's bench.

The ice will not be flooded prior to the shootout.

Three (3) players from each team shall participate in the shootout and they shall proceed in such order as the Coach selects. All players are eligible to participate in the shootout unless they are serving a ten-minute misconduct or have been assessed a game misconduct or match penalty.

The home team shall have the choice of shooting first or second. The teams shall alternate shots.

The Referee shall place the puck on the center face-off spot and the player taking the shot will, on the instruction of the Referee (by blowing his whistle), play the puck from there and shall attempt to score on the goalkeeper.

After each team has taken three shots, if the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a "sudden death" format. No player may shoot twice until everyone who is eligible has shot. If, however, because of injury or penalty, one team has fewer players eligible for the shootout than its opponent, both teams may select from among the players who have already shot. This procedure would continue until the team with fewer players has again used all eligible shooters.

Once the shootout begins, the goalkeeper cannot be replaced unless he is injured. No warm up shall be permitted for a substitute goalkeeper. Only a player designated as a goalkeeper or alternate goalkeeper may defend against the shot.

The rules governing the shootout shall be the same as those governing a Penalty Shot.

Statistics- Shootout

Regardless of the number of goals scored during the shootout portion of overtime, the final score recorded for the game will give the winning team one more goal than its opponent, based on the score at the end of overtime.

The losing goalkeeper will not be charged with the extra goal against. The player scoring the game-winning goal in the shootout will not be credited with a goal scored in his personal statistics.