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Effective January 11, 2017 - Each member team will have the opportunity to utilize an AJHL Letter of Intent within the process of recruiting athletes to their respective teams. The following parameters for the AJHL Letter of Intent will be in place:

  •        The AJHL Letter of Intent is valid for the time period starting January 11 through the opening of the Hockey Canada Registration System.
  •        All Letter of Intents must be submitted to and approved by the AJHL in order for the document to be valid.
  •        A player must be registered in the following season in which an AJHL Letter of Intent was signed.
  •        Once committed to an AJHL team, all other AJHL members will not be able to contact that player and they will fall under Tampering rules.
  •        The AJHL Letter of Intent List will be available to be accessed by all Member Clubs at any time.

Effective January 10, 2017, the AJHL White Card Certificate will no longer be accepted. All existing White Carded players will remain on their respective team?s list until manually removed or until automatically released: